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The Hackspace (currently a lower priority) is a social/networking club with a Tech workshop.
The Hackspace will initially be offering free PAT testing and electrical repair, as well as teaching basic computing. This is a free service to non-members. You can make a donation if you prefer.

Members can work on their own projects with tools and expertise they could never afford individually, and on group projects for community benefit - thanks to Swindon Makerspace for clarifying that is the main purpose of a Hackspace.

We previously met jointly with the Men's Shed every Tuesday, at -. Ideally, this will resume in future.

There are now some downloadable CHS backdrops, intended for use on desktop computers.

Who & Where

Physically, we're currently "homeless" as far as storage space goes, we're still holding weekly meetings though, in Chippenham Men's Shed. Structurally, we've worked out we should be a not-for-profit, as this offers the most flexibility. To all basic intents and purposes, we're an educational charity.

Our previous address at The Weighbridge is currently unavailable due to failing its latest H&S inspection, and quite a long list of other issues. It is mothballed until at least August . Believe it or not, we work closely with the relevant authorities and freeholders, to safeguard the safety and future of the building. More news will be posted on the @chiphack Twitter channel, when anything changes.

The equipment we've collected so far, and what we've had to move, is still in off-site storage.

For further location info, please see


All Hackspace assets are owned by the Trustees, who are:

Note: Due to unfortunate events, we will be accepting offers to expand the number of trustees, as soon as things return to what used to pass for normal.

We are run by a committee consisting of:

Treasurer, Arranger of the Chairs
(Position vacant)
Secretary, Keeper of the Biscuits
Robin Hodson*
Chair, Maker of the Tea
(Position vacant)

Because the committee is currently limited to three people, there are responsibilities assigned outside it:

Hackspace Lead
(Position vacant)
Premises caretakers
Robin Hodson
Austen Espeut

*These people are also Trustees.

We are a not-for-profit charity, limited by guarantee, registered at Companies House.
Reg. No: 10839801

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